Latino Owned Food and Drink Businesses Guide

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Encanto Sofrito™️ is a latin cooking base that can be used for any type of culinary dish, regardless of culture or ethnicity. It works well as a meat marinade, and you can use it as the main cooking base for stews, soups, and even broths. View Listing

Husband & wife sommelier team/owner-operators are on mission to carefully curate cuisine & culture by providing guests with world-class hospitality experiences. They were recently featured in the Wine Spectator in a piece called “8 Piping Hot Places for Pizza and Wine”. View Listing

Wholesale bakery located in Stone Mountain, GA that produces a large variety of baked goods ranging from breakfast items, sandwiches bread to table loaf; delivered freshly baked to local customers and frozen nationwide. View Listing

Delicious comida cacera (home cooked food), with the loving authentic Salvadoran touch passed down from my abuela and my ancestors combined with modern food inspirations to create meals that are both pleasing to the soul and the stomach! View Listing

Banana Samba is a delicious 100% natural chewy snack. It is made with slowly cooked bananas that caramelize their own sugars and turn into a soft fudgy consistency. This unique snack is available in 3 vegan varieties and 1 covered with semi-sweet chocolate. Banana Samba is offered in boxes with six individually wrapped pieces making it a perfect on-the-go snack. View Listing

“Whatever it is that you need to do that makes you happy, it most likely has to do with coffee.” Crema offers rich coffee blends as well as a local cafe. View Listing

Antojitos de tu Pais, Inc. specializes in the distribution of Venezuelan products like traditional cheeses, candies, soft drinks, flours and condiments. Serving the DMV region with door-to-door deliveries, a food truck and brick & mortar shop for Venezuelan prepared food and imported pantry items. View Listing

Organic Corn Masa Tamales, available from their food truck, farmers market pick-up, or even at local retailers! “El que nace pa’ tamal, del cielo le caen las hojas” | “He who is born to be a tamale will have the cornhusk fall down on him from the sky” View Listing

We like to think of a spa as a place where people can relax and nourish themselves, so it makes sense that many convenience food stores that offered a deli counter with take-out subs and sandwiches adopted the name. View Listing

Handmade wines that respect tradition but strive to promote the new. A new understanding of how we all are in this together, promoting a healthy planet and a new way to think about wine. View Listing


There are a significant number of resources available for Latino businesses. 

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