Support Latino Business
"Day of Action"


Support Latino Business Day of Action

September 14


Support Latino Business Day is a community day of action and national movement  for allies to join forces and celebrate the significant economic contributions Latino/x-owned businesses make, the jobs they help create, and the positive impact they bring to our community and beyond. 

Support Latino Business works with elected officials, community organizations, corporate leaders and influencers across the country to officially recognize and encourage support for our Latino/x-owned businesses that are the backbone of our local economy. 

Latinos (both U.S. born and foreign-born) are changing the landscape of our country and our economy. We are the consumers, the job creators, the economic engine and entrepreneurs. Latino/x-owned businesses are seeing record growth and yet despite being the driving force behind U.S. business growth in the past 40 years, the Latino/x community, especially the business narrative, continues to face severe misconceptions and challenges, including financial hurdles. 

That is why it is crucial for Latinos and allied communities to continue to come together to acknowledge and celebrate our contributions, paying homage to the generations of entrepreneurial spirit that came before us and successfully continues across our communities today. 

Together, we can support our Latino owned businesses at a time when they need it most.

SLB Day Media Toolkit

Check out our SLB Day Media Toolkit page to find sample content and our downloadable graphics package.

SLB City Proclamations

Thank you to all of our local partners and elected officials who continue to help proclaim and recognize Support Latino Business’ day of action, rallying to celebrate our communities entrepreneurial spirit and ongoing contributions.


There are a significant number of resources available for Latino businesses. 

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