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Working from the belief that a happy gut leads to a happy life, Erika aims at helping women with their gut health by suggesting anti-inflammatory foods and tips on how to manage our emotions. View Listing

Flora’s Tea Company aims at helping you reconnect with Mother Earth by emphasizing the health benefits of drinking green and black tea. View Listing

Chiki Chiki Boom Boom celebrates and combines Latin culture with health & wellness to develop their organic tropical water made of botanicals and mountain alkaline water. Inspired by an ancient recipe from the region of The Valley of Longevity in Vilcabamaba, Ecuador, their people are known to live long lives due to this blend. View Listing

Healing Blue Therapy consists of a group of Mental Health psychotherapists professionals specializing in working with adults dealing with trauma, anxiety, shame, and healing relationships. View Listing

Yum Pup is a woman-owned business focusing on providing high-quality ingredients and food for your pup! Their goal is to create healthy, human-grade ingredients in their recipes at an affordable price for pet owners.  View Listing

Recetas encourages self-care and wellness by providing a safe place for U.S.-based Latinas to celebrate personal and spiritual growth. View Listing

Almadé offers spiritual and healing products honoring ancestral remedios y rituales to help fuel Latinas’ self-love journeys. View Listing

Inspired by Latin cuisine, Jessy’s Clean Meals prepares healthy meals for families to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Located in the Massachusetts area, they offer both pick-up and delivery services. View Listing

New Familia strives to support new mothers & their families from conception and beyond, providing services that are community-based, family-centered & culturally relevant. View Listing

Offering expertise in Latinx mental health and culturally grounded care, the practice provides interventions that are understanding of the experiences of trauma and multicultural identities. View Listing


There are a significant number of resources available for Latino businesses. 

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