Health and Wellness Business Guide

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Wanting to provide people a natural and easy way to stay healthy, Andrea was inspired to create Andrea’s Healthy Kitchen. Benefits of drinking juices are weight loss, more energy, healthy skin, feeling good, high blood pressure goes down; most importantly, it helps your overall health. View Listing

V12 Yoga is located in the heart of the Dallas Farmers Market offering yoga, fitness, and mindfulness workshops to enhance your fitness experience. View Listing

They provide holistic, mother-centered supportive services in the areas of prenatal, childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum, mental health, and diabetes prevention. View Listing

A group practice of mental health psychotherapists specializing in working with adults dealing with the repercussions of trauma leading to low self esteem, anxiety, shame, and unhealthy relationships. They help patients identify beliefs, behaviors, and defenses that have become dysfunctional and support their healing journey by shifting the relationship to the traumatic memories or events that caused them. View Listing

Through workshops, retreats, and cultural activities, they empower youth by prioritizing wellness and cultural values. View Listing

At Activ8 Fitness and Wellness, they are creating a wellness community where all fitness levels achieve and sustain the balance between being healthy and enjoying life. View Listing

Proudly serving El Paso, Texas, 180 Massage Therapy has medical massage practitioners and trained professionals who offer treatments ranging from Swedish Massages to Medical Massage Therapies. View Listing

Babes of Wellness is the first Latinx-owned, Womxns only boutique wellness studio in South LA. Our mission is to provide a safe space we like to call Wellness Sanctuary that empowers BIPOC womxn through fitness, mindfulness and community. View Listing

Offering specialty jewelry and healing sessions, Soul Rich Society is a portal for spiritual wellness. Each offering is intended to support the paradigm shift into a deeper sense of self awareness and the collective healing of our planet. View Listing

Holistic Blyss offers spiritual herbal teas, body products, and individual holistic healing sessions rooted in meditation, movement therapy, and herbalism. They support equitable healing spaces for the BIPOC community to self-heal from intergenerational and racial trauma, internalized oppression, stress, and anxiety. View Listing


There are a significant number of resources available for Latino businesses. 

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